About Us

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Space Next Door is inspired by the sharing economy in which we hope to encourage people to put up their unused space so that users looking for personal or business storage space have better options, closer to where they need it. We are striving to build a trusted community marketplace for you to list, discover and book the nearest and best space at affordable prices.

Having spent more than a decade in the storage industry and after renting out millions of square feet of space to tens of thousands of customers, we are passionate about helping you discover new ways to organise and use your space.


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Mike Hagbeck

Founder & CEO

Today's dynamic business environment requires leaders to possess basic functional skills and the ability to spot opportunities and keep with the trends. These attributes are rarely found in the same person, given their diverse requirements. Mike Hagbeck continues to build his reputation in the storage industry by developing heritage markets and exploring trailblazing possibilities.

Two decades since entering the industry in Australia, he has helmed a number of significant companies to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry practices in the region — from Singapore to China, Australia to South Korea. Mike has embraced technology to develop an innovative way of maximising unutilised spaces; at a micro level. His brainchild, Space Next Door, opens new opportunities to match available space with needs at a global level.

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Payal Michelle Parekhji

Business Development Director

A good idea has to be well executed to deliver its potential value. Payal Parekhji has two decades of experience in helping organisations build their brand value and leverage strategic partnerships. Payal’s forte lies in business development and maximising growth opportunities within and between organisations. Her ability to spot an opportunity for growth or potential obstacles makes her a valued member of any management team.

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Daphne Lim

Product Lead

Having immersed herself in the storage industry, Daphne Lim knows the ins and outs of operating a successful business with efficiency and effectiveness. She has worked with leading self storage brands in Asia, both at the back end and interacting with customers. Her track record for developing and implementing marketing plans to launch new facilities has helped to drive the business forward.

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Norita Senin

Customer Service Manager

Even the best idea has to be well articulated to the customer. Norita Senin engages clients and partners to ensure the best possible outcomes. With industry experience gained in the non-profit and quasi-government sectors, she is able to understand the needs of customers to deliver the best fit to fulfil their requirements. She provides the human touch in the tech driven platform.